GTD: Take-aways

Reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done has helped me better organize my life and the way I process “stuff.” Now, as my senior seminar class wraps up the book, I am able to reflect on what I have learned this semester and I can identify the three most prominent “take-aways” from Allen’s book. The “Two-Minute … More GTD: Take-aways

GTD in Practice: Getting “In” to Empty

As I read chapters five through seven in our Senior Seminar Class’ book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen, I thought to myself: “All this nonsense about capturing, clarifying, and getting¬†the inbox¬†to empty sounds like a fantastic idea…for a businessman working in an office.” I did not think what I was reading would be of … More GTD in Practice: Getting “In” to Empty

GTD: The Two-Minute Rule… or Ten-Minute Rule… or One-Minute Rule…

Throughout the first third or so of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, he refers to a concept that he calls the “Two-Minute Rule.” However, in Chapter 6, which focuses on emptying out all of the “stuff” that has been captured into the inbox, he delves into the concept a little more. The Two-Minute Rule … More GTD: The Two-Minute Rule… or Ten-Minute Rule… or One-Minute Rule…

GTD: My In-Boxes

I am taking a senior seminar class as I am now in my fourth year of undergraduate study, and we are reading and discussing the book Getting Things Done (or GTD) by David Allen. We spent an entire class identifying and discussing each and every one of our individual “in” boxes — that is, the … More GTD: My In-Boxes